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Preparation of the Draft Modernization Act Sanitation Services and the Draft Regulations Modernization Act Sanitation Services.

Preparation of the Draft Regulation and Organization Technical Functions Management Agency Sanitation Services.

Design of protocols for implementing the transitional support scheme established by Law Modernization Sanitation Services.

Content design document "Towards the modernization of the sanitation sector" presented by the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation in the framework of the Latin American Sanitation Conference 2016 (Latinosan2016).

Definition of proposals for the regulation of Legislative Decree No. 1240 on the promotion of private investment in the sanitation sub-sector under the framework of the Modernization Act Sanitation Services and the new rules on public-private partnerships.

Determining the appropriate legal framework for the provision, operation and marketing of potable water and/or water and sewerage industry for the industrial park of Ancon, whose management is planned to be carried out through public-private partnership.

Modelling of Exploitation Contracts Sanitation Services under the General Law of Sanitation Services.

Feasibility analysis, political risk and support for setting up a remunerative Policy Provider Entities Sanitation Services.

Development of the Framework Agreements System Capacity Building sanitation sub sector.

Elaboration of Institutional Management Model and Financial Connections 1,000,000 Plan Framework System Capacity Building sanitation sub sector.

Development of mechanisms and instruments for improving governance between municipalities and operators of Sanitation Services.

Legal design assurance mechanisms to secure reserves for future investments under the Regulations of the General Law of Sanitation Services.

Evaluation of legal aspects of the Instruments of Management Services Companies Sanitation.

Analysis of the matrix Sanitation Sector Reform.

Determination of the legal framework applicable to the different types of additional private sector participation to the Concession, in the Services Companies Sanitation.

Development of regulatory guidelines for small towns (less than 15,000 inhabitants) and schemes hiring specialized operators.

Determination of the validity and implications of the resolutions adopted at the level of the Managing Committee for the Implementation Process Investment Promotion EPS GRAU S.A in equity restructuring.